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What if there was a simple initiative for you as an employer to increase your appeal to more than two thirds of the job market? What if that same initiative could increase staff engagement and retention and make consumers twice as likely to buy from you?

Introducing workplace giving... It's all about giving employees the opportunity to support good causes at work, direct from their salary, pre-tax.

Workplace giving isn't just a feelgood exercise; it's smart business. Research shows that the best corporate citizens attract more talent, have more engaged staff, and appeal more to consumers. CSR initatives build a better world and a better business.

Corporate Citizen's workplace giving program is like no other - it's a free, interactive, easy-to-use web based platform. We'll help you see and feel the impact of your contributions everyday, so you can be proud of the difference your company is making in the world.

So make big things happen with Corporate Citizen. Register your company for our free program today.
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