More About Us

At Corporate Citizen our mission is simple: to empower every Australian business with the technology to connect their employees with the world’s most important causes. By marrying businesses and their employees with good causes, we’ll help to create a better world and build better businesses. 

Corporate Citizen provides a simple way for companies to make a difference to the world through Workplace Giving.  We give people the opportunity to give to good causes at work, directly from their salary pre-tax. Whether it’s helping find a cure for disease, saving the environment, or supporting people in crisis, we can all go to work for a good cause every day.

The power of Workplace Giving

People power is an amazing resource and one that can be tapped into in any organisation, in any industry. Corporate Citizen is all about harnessing that power. 

By partnering with a select group of Australia’s leading charity organisations we help organisations in need to connect at scale, and business to develop impactful, long-term relationships. By working with committed charities and providing a user-friendly web based platform, we provide a unique donor experience for companies and their people. 

Corporate Citizen is part of the 2evolve group, a fundraising organisation that has raised over $450M dollars in income for our charity partners in the past 18 years.


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