Changing the world.

Make it your business.

Workplace giving allows individuals to contribute to important causes, helping them to change the world every day, just by going to work. Corporate Citizen is a program that links your business to those causes. More importantly it offers a way for everyone to be involved in solving some of the world's biggest problems, like ending poverty, finding cures for diseases, or saving our natural world.

Workplace giving isn't just a feelgood exercise; it's smart business. More than ever, customers and investors are looking for socially responsible businesses. Research shows that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives can benefit your bottom line more than you may think and in ways you may not have imagined. Corporate Citizen doesn't just help you build a better world, it also helps you build a better business.

The business benefits of being Corporate Citizen

CSR initiatives are more important to the health of a company than many realise. When it comes to corporate social responsibility, consumers and employees want more than just aspirational mission statements. They want companies to be accountable for producing and communicating results.

That’s why the world’s leading companies all have CSR initiatives in place. Reporting on CSR initiatives sets companies apart from their competition. It inspires trust and loyalty, giving you an edge with employees and consumers. A workplace giving program is one of the best CSR initiatives. It’s easy to setup and the results are clearlym measureable. 

Our workplace giving program doesn't cost you anything to set up and will help your business:

  • Increase market share
  • Boost staff engagement and commitment
  • Give your brand a halo
  • Become an employer of choice and attract top talent
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