In every Australian state, every day, little children are being bashed, battered and broken by the people they should be able to trust.

Barnardos believes all children deserve to be safe and protected. The distressing reality is that we have children in our country dying from abuse.


Max and Layla’s story

Max and Layla were violently assaulted by their mum’s partner which left Layla with a black eye and swollen face and Max with a broken leg and cuts all over his face and body. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time they had sustained injuries like this.

This was just the latest in a string of different hospital admissions that their mother and her partner had gone to great lengths to pass off as accidents, even telling doctors they had been in a car accident.

Although their injuries were horrific, Max and Layla were amongst the ‘lucky’ ones. They were removed. They now live with a Barnardos Australia carer where they receive the ongoing patience, therapeutic care and support of people who truly understand how to help them.

Max and Layla are not alone. One child dies every 15 days as a direct result of assault in Australia.* The difference between today and tomorrow could be the difference between life and death for other children like them. With your support Barnardos can protect more children like Max and Layla from pain and terror.

*AIHW 2012. Names changed and models used to protect privacy.

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